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Curriculum vitae                                                                                                                  

Angel Suarez Pereira

Personal Data:
Place of Birth:
c / Manuel Swamp, the Bridge District, SC.

Place of residence:

Yonge Street P-156, 9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Academic Training:
Primary Education in IES Sixth, SC
ESO IES Info Center
Bachelor IES Info Center
Degree in Translation and Interpreting, University of Vigo.
English courses in Canada with companies like First Redleaf and Education.

Work Experience:

I worked for a translation company called 'Traduçao facil' translating from Portuguese to Galician.
Work experience of teaching languages
​​in which they are expert in various academies such as 's easy to learn' or 'School of Language Valença do Minho'.


Languages that are native: Galician and Spanish.
Language dominated at 90%: Portuguese
90%: English
70%: French
Also on my own study of minority languages as languages of northern Norway and Sweden.

Computer Knowledge:

Basic Computer: Windows, Word, Excel, Power Point and its corresponding open format (LibreOffice).





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Blilingual: Spanish and Galician
Field of portuguese: 90%
English 90% (Level C1)
French: 70%
Minority languages of northern Europe as languages of northern of Norway and Sweden are in learning process




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Types of texts

Journalism Texts
Lagal texts
Political administrative texts
Texts with concepts of medicine




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 The price is 0.30 euros per word translated . If the same customer asks to our company for different works we'll give him/her several sales.



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 Delivery time of work will the time that the translator needs to finish the work. the they will be sent to the client by on-line way. The customer can  ask for a copy in paper if any internet error happens.


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Online tools

Google  is a online tool that you can use to find information on the internet.
Word Reference  dictionary online for free access.
Galipedia is an encyclopedia of free access.
Google translator is a translator program texts.




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